Practical accounting solutions for business growth and reaching
the ‘true north’ of your business

In a dynamically changing world we are here to guide you; standing by your side in planning your vision and making it into a reality. Our team of experts supports you in your day-to-day operations, analyzing the business’ process, setting goals and fueling the passions behind them.

“Yoav Cohen CPA”, established in 1996, provides practical solutions within the banking system in the fields of accounting and financial advising. We work with our clients for decades, from inception of the business to its growth into maturity.  Our firm specializes in accompanying business entities throughout their lifecycle; intergenerational transfer, preparing the business for sale, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and consulting. Our teams are in constant communication with the client, personally advocating and paying close attention to every decision, while studying the client’s data to determine and implement the best solutions.

Our Philosophy

Personal service to achieve your business vision

First and foremost, we believe in providing personal service and we know that in order to bring added value to an organization, we must be familiar with our client’s business, the business process, the economic sector in which they operate, the present stage and life span of the business.  This knowledge of the business allows us to aide in guiding the business strategy to the entity’s “true north”.

Every business owner operates on two levels, the present state of their business and the future vision. We learn the present state of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, the business environment and markets, and how these impact on business data, while building financial management tools as a means of making decisions and understanding the organization’s operations. Thus, our firm, is here in the present, while working with the business to shape is future.

“We ensure that our clients and partners know they have someone to count on and lean on, as well as consult with on their way up.”

Our Services

Auditing, financial statements and financial advisory for business growth

Our team is experienced in identifying opportunities and risks, thereby contributing to business growth. We counsel and work with clients from various sectors of the economy including: industrial, trade and services, hi-tech, art, hotels and tourism, construction, real estate, transportation, free-lance, partnerships and international companies.

Audit & accounting

Analyzing the past, planning the future

Our expertise is to create additional value for organizations and to achieve growth by deeply understanding the business environment in which they operate. When analyzing an accounting issue, we combine experience, professional knowledge, and analytical thinking to attain great business results.

We provide the following services:

Financial statements audit

Tax reconciliation reports audit

Financial / regulatory certificates of approval

Special audits

Review of quarterly reports

Tax advisory

Tax planning is essential to business success

Taxation is a critical part of any organization’s business strategy management. Proper tax planning creates a significant impact on the cash flow and the organization’s developmental ability. As part of the business analysis we perform tax assessments throughout the year, inspecting and assessing, in order to recognize individual business’ needs.

Tax consulting services:

  • VAT considerations and VAT tax assessments
  • Local and international tax planning
  • Tax assessments
  • Tax advisory for M&As
  • Support of acquisition groups
  • Consulting regarding individual taxes & National Insurance
  • Support for voluntary disclosure processes
Business consulting

Professional guidance in front of the banking system
and understanding the financial language

Throughout all stages of growth, each business requires advice regarding its financial conduct, presentation to the banking system and other financial entities.

Our firm’s staff helps our clients’ business grow beyond. We are experts with all the financing methods available; investment funds, banks, insurance companies, B2B, preparing requests for aid funds, state-guaranteed and Manufacturers Association funds.

Every new investment, development or change requires an economic and financial analysis.  We are there for our clients each step of the way – looking, warning and advising – providing the tools and confidence needed to grow and succeed.

Consulting Services:

M&A activity


Due diligence (acquisitions and investments)

Process excellence

Internal audit, establishing internal controls and regulatory compliance

Corporate finance, including bank and non-bank credit

Strategic business planning

Cost-benefit research

CFO Services

Supporting companies from the establishment to business maturity

At inception and during early growth, cash flow is the main focus of business until the organization reaches the stage of business maturity. The organizations’ management, presentation and setting its’ priorities are the foundation and life of the business. Our offices offer outsourcing services as part of understanding the significance of analyzing and examining financial data in real time to provide solutions that assist our clients’ strategies in the long run.

Areas of Activity:

  • Valuations and mergers
  • Corporate finance & funding (including IPOs, equity changes, debt)
  • Security loans
  • Banking advisory
  • Cash flow assessments and advice
  • Efficiency and financial planning
  • Efficiency and financial planning

Contact Us

Our head office is located in Ramat Gan, Israel; servicing both domestic and international clients.

Yoav Cohen Certified Public Accountants

Fax: 972-3-7525740

Address: Bezalel St. 10, Ramat Gan 52138 ISRAEL